Lessons from Cam: The Values that Create our Legacy

Cameron Bowman

As an Executive Coach at Trevero, I have had the honor of being mentored by a phenomenal coach and leader.  Cameron Bowman’s heart for coaching leaders was deep and wide.  A couple of weeks ago, Cam left this world to go hang out with Jesus.  I bet he found a group of leaders and he’s coaching them now.

When I think about the impact Cam had on my life and my leadership, it’s hard to narrow down the list.  Cam had a ton of life lessons and short phrases on repeat.  He challenged, loved, supported, and connected all in the same conversation.

Something that stands out so remarkably about Cam is his strong, immovable set of values that really held the foundation of everything else he said.  Reflecting on these core values, I uncovered a framework for how Cam led so well – and how we can, too.

Set yourself up to show up well. 

As leaders, when we show up on empty, we have nothing left to give away.  Taking care of ourselves, arming ourselves with the right energy, resources, and mindset is paramount to effective leadership.

Practically speaking, here are three ways to arm yourself to show up well:

  • Have a morning routine.  The first few hours of the day set the tone for the rest of the day.  Be intentional with this time.  This gives us the energy we need to show up well.
  • Put good things in.  When we fill ourselves up with good content, it naturally overflows into the lives of others.  The books and articles we read, the podcasts and videos we consume arm us with the resources to be ready to pour into others.
  • “It’s not about me.”  Mindset is everything.  When we’re concerned with our own interests, we’re already failing to show up well for those around us.

Look for intentional ways to add value.

Our responsibility as leaders, coaches, parents, and members of our community is to enrich the lives of those we lead.  When making a decision, filter your thoughts through the question, “Who is this adding value to?”  When starting your day, ask yourself, “Who can I add value to today?”

So how do we do that?  How do we add value?  How do we show up well?  How do we set ourselves up to instill these principles?  It all comes down to the last, and most important, value that Cam taught me:

“Love God. Love people. It’s not that hard.”

The greatest thing that we can do for ourselves, our families, our teams, and our communities is to approach everything we do with Love.  We love because God loved us first.

Cam, thanks for changing my life and continuing to teach me through your values and your legacy.  My prayer for each of us leaders is that we intentionally pursue the values that leave a legacy that impacts others for generations.

“Do good things.” – Cam

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