About Trevero

Our story is about the need for professional and personal growth.

Trevero Best Cugino

Trevero developed out of a common challenge facing most businesses: as organizations grow, they struggle to maintain and develop the culture and leadership standards that made them successful in the first place. As more employees and managers are brought on to scale up, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop individual leaders to carry your business forward.

Our Coaches. Our People.

Trevero works because our coaching professionals create meaningful, engagement experiences that lead to continued growth.

Sylvia Laurence
Becca Askew
Executive Coach & Content and Development Lead
Elise Griffin
Executive Coach & Team Lead
Cheryl Cothren
Leadership Coach
Caleb Grimes
Leadership Coach
Steven Lawrence
Leadership Coach
Carolyn Alvarez
Leadership Coach
Josh Cole
Executive Coach
Cassidy Moorefield
Executive Coach
Joshua Kim
Executive Coach
Laverne Hibbett
Leadership Coach

The solution: Let your team thrive.

At Trevero, we believe that the skills your people need to thrive aren’t found in an HR manual or off-the-shelf webinar. Leadership, culture and a growth mindset must be developed through a coaching experience that draws on proven training methods and in-depth knowledge of individual strengths and communication styles.

Our individualized coaching services and programs have helped thousands of people from new hires to emerging managers to executives, giving us a deep understanding of rapidly evolving business environments and how to overcome the challenges affecting growth, retention and culture.

TREVERO is a division of the The Resource, a comprehensive career services company with unique insight into employee-business relationships.

Our Clients. Their Words.

“You guys have invested in my leaders in ways I didn’t have the capacity to. I can’t thank you enough.”

Adaobi Gwacham

Business Owner, Pasadena California

"In the field, right in the thick of things, you need a resource like this"

Eric Zuidema

Business Owner

"Coaching has given me a greater understanding of the pieces I need to have around me to help my organization yield long-term results. The by-product of this is that I'm now an Owner/Operator in the same community where I grew up."

Joe Anderson

Business Owner

“I found answers to questions I didn’t know I had.”

Leadership Program Participant

"It’s not just another coaching call. They give time and effort into thinking and advising each individual they coach."

Graham Baugh

Restaurant Leader

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