How to Talk to Your Leader About Coaching

How to Set Your Leader up for Success in Coaching 

Be clear regarding your vision of success & the “why” behind investing in coaching. Here are a few common reasons/talking points, but keep it genuine to you!

  • Share your “why” behind coaching 
  • Share key areas you’d like them to focus on in coaching. Identify your expectations and any behaviors you’d like to see change (ie: “I expect you to show up to all of your coaching meetings on-time and prepared, and to work with your coach on time management. In 6 months, I’d like you to demonstrate growth in time management by having the schedule out 2 weeks in advance consistently, and to have trained 1 other person to do the schedule.”)
    1. If you want them to take the reins of coaching and make it their own without your input, tell them! It will then be up to the leader and their coach to co-create the plan.
  • Consider sharing ways a coach or mentor has helped you in the past.  
  • Encourage them: No one gets to the Super Bowl without a coach. Top performers in all professional fields get coaching!

Look for change and offer encouragement. Change takes time, so pay attention to any positive changes you may see. If you don’t see any change, ask the coachee what changes he/she is experiencing. 

Check in regularly with your leader about Coaching. Some check-in questions include: 

  • How is coaching going for you? 
  • What’s been a big takeaway for you from coaching? 
  • What are you and your coach working on right now? 

Offer support and feedback 

  • Share the positive growth you see and share also the areas where they need to continue to grow. 
  • Ask how you can support them with what they’re working on in coaching.  

If you have questions or feedback along the way, reach out to your Account Manager and we can setup time to talk. 

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