How Habits Can Change Your Life – For Better Or Worse


Habits are powerful rhythms that can either push us towards, or pull us away from our goals.

Everyone has experienced those unhealthy habits that become daily regular rhythms in our lives. For me, some of that started during COVID-19 when the work from home orders began. I’d sleep a little later, go to bed a little later, snack a bit more often, and ignore my “screen time” limits nearly every day.

You might have also experienced seasons of healthy habits! There have been times where I’ve CRUSHED my half-marathon and exercise goals, read consistently every evening, or eaten healthier over time.

Habits – these micro-decisions that we make repetitively over time, are essential to direction in one’s life. Everyone has habits. It’s simply a matter of if they are healthy or not.

How do you create healthy habits?

Here are 5 quick tips in how to create some healthier habits that will support your goals:

  1. Inventory your current habits

Do you watch 2 hours of TV every night? Do you get up at 6am every day? What do you do immediately after you get out of bed? By taking inventory of your current habits, you’re putting intentional thought into what you want to change. Keep a reminder in your phone or get a friend involved to help you take inventory of your habits.

        2. Bring your values

Our habits should be influenced by what we value in our lives. If we say we value our children, but don’t have a habit of spending time with them, it might be a habit that needs to change. Values are indicators of where our habits need to be formed.

  1. Start small

We’re going for sustainable here, so start small! Maybe try 2 new habits (reading 3 nights/week, and eating dessert once/week) for 60 days, and see how it goes. If you start too big, you might lose some momentum and then revert back to your old ways.

  1. Set yourself up for success

Michael Hyatt and Co says that “willpower simply isn’t enough.” How many times have we failed on a habit, relying merely on “willpower”? Set yourself up for success here. Place your book beside your bed, and take your phone out of your room. Don’t keep dessert in your house unless it’s your one night/week splurge. Take inventory of these little shifts that you can make so that you’ll have to consciously choose NOT to do the action.

  1. Ask for accountability

Finally, what’s a good habit creator without a great accountability system? It’s time to phone a friend and set some of these habits in motion. Figure out which accountability system works for you, and put it into place. The rewards of a healthy lifestyle are worth it!


Go do it!

-Coach Elise

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