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In defense of hard work

Ease is a fact of life. We live in an abundant society where we don’t have to grind our own flour to make bread from scratch every day. And thank goodness for that! Here’s what I’m learning, though. Ease isn’t an end in and of itself.  The fact that I had to put effort into something and really work up a sweat can make the end product sweeter. Even more than that, working hard cultivates my character.

The Time Management Drain that’s Staring You in the Face

I bet you could find the time, right now, today, to accomplish something you’ve been putting off. Imagine how amazing you will feel when you start that book you’ve been meaning to read, or go for the run you’ve been putting off for weeks. If you simply switch up your time investment and move away from the screen in your hand, you can reap a feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing something.

Why On-Boarding Matters

Did you know that only about 4% of new hires decide that they want to stay with your organization after the first day? 4%! On-boarding is often viewed as just another HR process that has to be completed where we throw policies and information at our new hires. Orientation requires coffee as we trudge through …

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