New Program Launching!

A few years ago, our team was sitting in a conference room brainstorming a new service to better support our clients. What would add the most value?

One of our Executive Coaches, Becca, spoke up. She shared her story, and that story ultimately shaped the vision for the Catalyst Leadership Development Program.

When Becca was 17, working hard to pay her way through college, she took a job at Chick-fil-A. Her passion, loyalty, and ability to work hard and learn quickly led to a speedy promotion to Director by 19.

The challenge was: Becca had no formal leadership training, not even any informal training. She was an example of someone who was moved up because they were great at the position, but hadn’t been tested as a leader.

What followed were 9 months of rigorous, trial-by-fire learning. Dealing with problem-solving, conflict, and people challenges. Becca’s supervisor encouraged her to figure things out on her own as part of her learning.

She dug in, owned her growth and grew. She would also say those were some of the toughest years of her career.

Fast-forward a few years later. We’re sitting at the conference table brainstorming what our clients need from Trevero, and Becca asks the question: “What if we took everything I had to learn through trial and error and condensed it for new leaders?”

She envisioned a concentrated path to shorten the learning curve. The chance to help leaders add tools to their belt and experience success, sooner. Excited energy ran through the room; we had found our next service!

It’s been over 9-months in the making, but I’m happy to introduce you to the Catalyst Leadership Development Program. Let me share some highlights.

Creating and recording excellent content was a top priority, but we wanted to maintain the personalized coaching element that’s at the center of who we are. Thus, we developed a program that had everything we’ve seen be successful with leadership development – great content, practical tools, a cohort group for support and connection, and finally, a personal guide for accountability and processing learnings – their very own leadership coach for the duration of the 3-month program.

The process of creating our content and building the Catalyst Program has been long. Spearheaded by Becca, piloted by two phenomenal organizations, and supported in big and small ways by every single person on the Trevero team, this has been a labor of love and creativity – and a labor we know will serve a practical purpose with new and aspiring leaders who want to grow.

Entry-level leaders are often great at the work they are responsible for overseeing, but lack the skills and resources to effectively manage the responsibilities of overseeing people. We can help.

The Catalyst Leadership Development Program gives people the awareness of the leadership skills they need, the tools to develop them, and real-time accountability and one-on-one individual support with a leadership coach.

The program focuses on self-leadership (Part 1) and leading others (Part 2). Starting with self-awareness, personal mission and values, and time management, we then shift to building trust, communication, managing conflict and feedback, and lastly, defining leadership. We can’t wait to see this program catalyze change in you and your leaders!

Let me end with this quote by Donald McGannon, “Leadership is an action, not a position.” Cheers to a summer of growth and development for you and your team.”


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